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Corporate Investigations & Security

CIS is a professional Security, Executive Protection, Loss Prevention and Investigations agency.

Why Choose CIS

CIS provides a superior level of service and expertise, consistently delivered in a reliable and professional manner.  We are dedicated to assuring client satisfaction.

Corporate Security Specialists

We are a leading provider of Corporate Security, Protection and Investigative Services.  CIS offers professional solutions to resolve any security or investigative challenege.

Law Enforcement Experience

When it comes to protecting your most valuable assets, experience matters.  CIS employs highly trained and experienced law enforcement professionals.

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Industry Leaders

CIS delivers professional, intelligence-led services

We can devise

cost effective solutions to competently address and resolve any security or investigative challenge

Security Services

CIS delivers effective security guard and patrol solutions. We provide site security guards and mobile patrol services that reduce crime and ensure the safety and security of your business.

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Executive Protection

CIS Specialists have extensive law enforcement or military experience and specialized training.  Our discreet service assures freedom and privacy without compromising security or safety.

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Loss Prevention

We offer businesses and retailers professional loss prevention and retail security solutions that reduce the shrinkage and profit losses caused by internal and external criminal acts.

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CIS provides specialized investigation, surveillance and risk management services to competently address and resolve any corporate, civil or criminal investigative challenge.

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Full Spectrum

security & investigative solutions

CIS provides professional and effective security, loss prevention, executive protection and investigative solutions.

Energy - Oil & Gas

CIS specializes in providing professional energy security, investigation and consulting services that ensure safe and secure workplaces.

Construction & Industrial

Our security specialists can provide you with comprehensive security solutions that will improve your overall safety and security profile.

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CIS provides investigative support and surveillance services to insurers that can identify and mitigate the losses caused by fraudulent claims.

Property Management

We provide a complete spectrum of Security, Investigation and Consulting services to property management businesses at affordable rates.

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