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CIS Security Guards & Investigations

CIS is a professional Security Guard, Security Patrol, Private Investigation, Loss Prevention and Executive Protection company with offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and across Canada.

Why Choose CIS

CIS provides a superior level of service and expertise, consistently delivered in a reliable and professional manner.  We are dedicated to assuring complete client satisfaction.

 Security & Investigation Services

We deliver effective, intelligence-led solutions to resolve any security or investigative challenge.  CIS services are extremely professional, completely reliable and highly affordable.

Law Enforcement Experience

CIS is owned and managed by experienced law enforcement officers who are fully qualified to meet the unique challenges presented by today's economic and security climate.

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Industry Leaders

Professional - Reliable - Affordable


CIS is a leading provider of professional security & investigative services. Our business is all about protecting yours.


CIS provides effective security guard and security patrol services in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and throughout  western Canada. Our security guards are reliable, professional, experienced and highly trained.

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CIS Executive Protection Specialists have extensive law enforcement experience.   Our unique service model affords freedom and privacy without compromising your security or safety.  Services offered locally and abroad.

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CIS loss prevention experts provide professional loss prevention and retail security solutions that reduce the shrinkage and profit losses caused by internal and external criminal acts.  CIS Loss Prevention Alberta.

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CIS private investigators deliver surveillance and risk management services to competently address and resolve any corporate, civil or criminal investigative challenge.  Reliable private investigations in Alberta.

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CIS is a leading organization in the provision of a broad range of professional security guard, private investigation, loss prevention and executive protection services. These services are designed to provide businesses with strategic solutions to identify threats and mitigate risks with a view to minimizing financial and physical losses.

Energy Security 

CIS offers affordable pipeline patrols, remote site security guards, camp security, site access security and traffic enforcement services.

Industrial Security

Our industrial and construction security guard and security patrol services offer effective and comprehensive solutions to safeguard your assets.

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Claims Investigations

CIS private investigators and surveillance specialists help insurers to identify and mitigate the losses caused by fraudulent claims.

Property Security 

CIS delivers effective security and investigative services for Property Management Companies that reduce both phyiscal and financial losses.

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