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About CIS

​CIS is a fully licensed and insured security guard, executive protection, private investigation and loss prevention agency.  Through our diverse wealth of business security, corporate investigations and law enforcement expertise, we are fully capable of resolving any security or investigative challenge.  Our offices are located in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Fort McMurray, Vancouver and across Canada.  

Corporate Investigations & Security Ltd

About CIS

CIS is a professional security, investigation and risk management agency that offers a complete spectrum of security and investigative solutions.  Our unique, intelligence-led approach ensures that our clients benefit from the most effective security and investigative services that are available in the industry.

What We Do

Protecting client assets and personnel is an integral part of our business operations. CIS offers comprehensive corporate security, security guards, patrols, corporate investigation and retail loss prevention services.  Our effective and affordable services will reduce your risks and mitigate the costly physical and financial losses that are caused by crime.  

The CIS Team

CIS is owned and managed by a team of highly qualified professionals who represent a diverse, multi-dimensional integration of specialized law enforcement, military and corporate security experience.    Our passion and dedication to community service and protecting the public is at the heart of our business.  We have decades of combined RCMP, SHERIFF, CPS, EPS, Canadian, US and UK Military and Police experience.

Why Hire CIS?

At CIS, everything from our personnel and training, to our state-of-the-art security and surveillance equipment is of the absolute highest standard and we take a pro-active and personal approach to every assignment.  

Unrivalled Experience

When it comes to protecting your business; experience matters!  Our team of highly qualified security experts and skilled investigators have proven, real-world-experience working in dynamic, stressful and challenging environments. CIS only hires staff who are the best in their field and our team is committed to dedicating our vast wealth of resources and expertise to protecting client interests.  View our HIRING STANDARDS 

CIS Specialized Training 

CIS team members have specialized training that greatly exceeds industry standards. This is further augmented by our adaptive training programs, which are continuously evolving to ensure that they are modern, effective and capable of meeting the specific and ever-changing needs of our clients.  


Professional Services

Security Guard Services 

Our primary purpose is to ensure people, property and assets are protected. As the first point of contact for employees and visitors, CIS security guards act as professional ambassadors for our clients, whilst simultaneously protecting their business.  We provide professional site security guards and mobile security patrol services for energy projects, pipelines, construction sites, shopping centres, warehouses, industrial facilities, shipping yards, offices, high-rise and apartment buildings, health care facilities, hotels, remote work camps and much more.  LEARN MORE about our security division.

Private Investigations & Surveillance

CIS specializes in bodily injury and major loss claims investigations.  We provide corporate insurance companies, adjusting agencies, law firms and government insurers with professional investigative support services to help identify and resolve fraudulent claims.  We also provide a complete spectrum of internal investigation, covert surveillance, civil, matrimonial and criminal investigation services to the corporate and public sectors.  Our results-driven, licensed investigators have extensive law enforcement experience and we operate with absolute discretion.  LEARN MORE

Retail Loss Prevention

CIS is the leading provider of retail loss prevention and security services in western Canada.  Our loss prevention experts have worked as loss prevention directors and managers for big box stores and major retailers across Canada and have developed effective loss prevention core programs that identify vulnerabilities and reduce shrink. We provide professional plain-clothes floor walkers, uniformed store security guards, internal investigations, mystery shops, warehouse security and undercover operatives.  LEARN MORE 

Executive & Celebrity Protection Services

CIS is offers professional close protection and security risk consultancy services in western Canada.  The unique and modern methods employed by CIS affords our clients maximized freedom and privacy without compromising safety.  Our flexible approach allows us to cater our services to meet our client's individual needs. We adapt to accommodate any challenge.  We are experienced in delivering discreet and effective risk management and close protection services to some of the world's top net-worth individuals, politicians, diplomats, celebrities and corporate executives. LEARN MORE

Affordable & Competitive Rates

CIS offers affordable rates to ensure that you receive a measurable return on your investment.  We will match any other qualified competitor's rates.  

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

CIS services are delivered with a client satisfaction guarantee!