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CIS Client Testimonials:

Although we have a long term contract in place with another security firm, our mall security was not qualified or able to cope with the increasing gang and drug activity at our mall for several years. We hired CIS security guards on a 3 month contract to target the criminal activity and groups entrenched within our mall. The CIS law enforcement experts worked closely with City Police and displaced the criminal element within the first week! CIS has restored our mall back to being a safe and vibrant family destination. Thank you CIS! Property Manager - Shopping Centre

I am a former Secret Service Agent, and when it comes to close protection, there's no room for amateurs. When we hire local support teams, we don't need a security guard wearing a suit, we need a team of experienced professionals. CIS protection specialists have the same law enforcement experience and specialized training as our guys, so we hire CIS whenever we come to Canada. We only work with the best. Travel Protection Unit Manager

The ongoing investigative support that we have received over the years from CIS has been instrumental in identifying and prosecuting fraudulent claims. I would not hesitate to recommend CIS. Their management team and investigators are some of the best that I have ever worked with in my career. Manager - Municipal Government Law Division

The Investigators at CIS are extremely effective and they get results. CIS has consistently supported our claims adjusters and legal division for more than 15 years. National Claims Manager - Insurance

CIS Executive Protection Specialists have provided close protection services for myself and our executives locally and globally for the past two years and they are the most professional and discreet company we have ever worked with. President - Oil & Gas Company

Corporate Investigations & Security has dramatically improved the security at our camps since we switched to their company from a national security provider. The quality of service and professionalism from CIS is top notch and I would strongly recommend them to any business that requires professional security services! Vice President - Camps and Catering

CIS has been the exclusive security provider for Globalfest from 2009 to 2015. They are extremely professional, polite and friendly to our guests and staff. The training and experience that comes with hiring CIS is amazing and it is apparent every time they respond to a challenge. CIS is the best security provider that we have ever worked with and for 6 years we have never had a security threat or incident. Executive Producer - Globalfest

Since out-sourcing our loss prevention to CIS in our Alberta stores, our shrinkage and profit losses have been substantially reduced. The professional service and return on investment has been exceptional! National Director of Loss Prevention - Major Retail Chain

Corporate Investigations & Security provides our sites with high-profile security guards and patrols as well as traffic safety and enforcement services that are the best that we have ever had. I strongly recommend CIS for any industrial operation that requires professional security. Project Manager - Energy & Well Services