CIS Hiring Standards

CIS recruits experienced Canadian, U.S. & UK Police Officers, Sheriffs, Peace Officers, and Military Personnel. You must possess a valid Security and/or Investigator's license from the Province that you are seeking employment in.  Applicants who are unlicensed or inexperienced will not be given consideration.  


A valid security or investigator license is required PRIOR to applying with CIS.  Proof of valid licensing and proof of law enforcement/military service will be requested.

Resumes , phone calls or walk-ins will NOT be accepted at any of our offices. 

     You must be a Canadian Citizen and pass a thorough background and security check with no history of criminal convictions in any jurisdiction to work at CIS.  

Please read the requirements for each position before applying.  Unqualified and/or unprofessional individuals need not apply. 

Encouraged to apply:

Preference will be given to applicants who have served with and obtained training as a full-time, regular member of the RCMP (Auxiliary Cst. Civilian Ride-A-Long experience is NOT accepted), Canadian Municipal Police Service, Alberta SHERIFF, Transit Peace Officer, Correctional Officer, Municipal Peace Officer, Canadian, US or UK Military or any US or UK Police Service. 

Applicants who are applying for the Aboriginal Security Division who have a valid security guard license (required by Provincial Law) with First Nations Status or Aboriginal Heritage are encouraged to apply.  

To inquire about or apply for a position with CIS, please E-MAIL Michelle Post, CIS Administration Manager:


All candidates MUST possess a valid provincial security license and have no criminal convictions on record in any jurisdiction.

Traffic Enforcement & Control:

A minimum of 3 years service and specialized training as a Regular Member Police Officer, Sheriff Highway Patrol, or Municipal Peace Officer with service in a TRAFFIC UNIT.  Laser and Radar certification from a Police Agency is required.

High Profile Security Guard:

A minimum of 5 years full time service and training as a Canadian, US or UK Police Officer, Sheriff, Peace Officer, Transit Police, Correctional Officer or Military member with a service record in good standing.

Security Guard:

Police or Peace Officer experience is an asset. Canadian citizenship and a minimum of 3 years security experience in Canada is mandatory.  You must be physically fit, clean cut, be fluent (written and spoken) in English, have exceptional communication skills and represent a level of professionalism congruent with Police/Military standards.  Non-Police/Peace Officer applicants MUST have training that EXCEEDS the Alberta Basic Security Training.

Aboriginal Security Guards:

Valid Security Guard License and Aboriginal heritage or First Nations status in Canada.

Executive Protection Specialist:

Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years Police, Sheriff or Military experience with executive protection specialist training.  Specialized driving, control tactics & firearms courses are required.

Private Investigator:

Applicants must have a minimum of 5 years Private Investigation and/or Police experience combined with advanced surveillance training and investigative courses from a recognized law enforcement agency.

Loss Prevention Officer:

Applicants must have a minimum of 3 years experience working in a professional loss prevention environment with a proven track record of success.  LPO’s must have exceptional communication and conflict management skills combined with PPCT, Canadian powers of arrest and use of force training.

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