Corporate Industries

CIS provides a full range of professional security guard and investigation services in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and across Canada.  We offer affordable security and risk management solutions for any industry that are customized to meet the specific needs of your business.  CIS delivers effective security services that reduce the costly physical and financial losses associated to crime and security deficiencies.

Energy Security

CIS specializes in energy security and investigations.  We offer site security, pipeline security, camp security guards and traffic enforcement programs to ensure safe and secure workplaces.

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Construction Security 

Construction sites and industrial properties are increasingly targeted by thieves, vandals and trespassers.  CIS provides high profile security solutions to protect your property and mitigate costly losses.

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We provide insurers with surveillance and investigative support to help identify and resolve falsified claims.  Our services are delivered on time and on budget by experienced investigators.

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Property Security

CIS provides professional and affordable site security guards and designated mobile security patrols to safeguard commercial properties, apartment buildings, office towers and retail centres.

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affordable services

CIS delivers affordable and effective security solutions that will ensure the safety and security of your business.