Construction & Industrial Security

CIS provides high-profile security guards and mobile security patrols to protect construction sites and industrial properties.  Our construction site security guard services provide effective crime prevention strategies that reduce physical and financial losses.  CIS construction site security guards are professional, reliable and experienced.  

We offer construction and industrial site security solutions in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Grande Prairie, Vancouver, Kelowna and throughout western Canada. 


CIS Customer Service

CIS is committed to providing you with the best customer service available in the private security industry.  We are driven to exceed your expecations and will work hard to safeguard your project, equipment and personnel.  

Our client relations department will manage your CIS security services portfolio.  You can rest assured that your assets are being safeguarded by the best in the industry.

CIS offers risk-free construction site security contracts.  Whether you choose to try our services on a short or long term contract, we offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee.  

Contact our Client Relations department for more information and make the switch to CIS Security today.

Construction Site Security 

Construction and industrial sites are facing increasing incidences of criminal activity.  As our economy declines, the number of equipment and copper thefts at construction sites have rapidly increased. 

Criminals are not deterred by video camera, alarms or even random drive-by security patrols. Incidents of theft, vandalism and arson can cause costly losses to your business, and often occur undetected.  A designated CIS construction site security guard will physically patrol your site and act as a continuous and highly visible deterrent to crime.

When it comes to protecting your construction or industrial site, there is no substitute for a dedicated, on-site security guard.  Lesser measures are often ineffective and fail to deter criminal threats.

Reliable & Affordable Security 

CIS is dedicated to providing businesses with effective security guard services that are affordable and relevant to your project needs.  We deliver intelligent security solutions that are supported by our extensive law enforcement experience and corporate security expertise.

CIS can provide your business with a highly visible and proactive security program for any industrial or construction site.  Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we can provide you with  customized and professional security services at a rate that fits your budget.

Our Security Guards are the best in the industry and have extensive security training and experience.  CIS guards are honest, reliable, professional, well groomed and communicate fluently in English.