Executive Protection Services

Executive Protection Services Canada - CIS provides professional executive protection, celebrity protection and risk management services that are discreet and effective.  With offices in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and all major cities, we offer primary and support services locally and abroad.  CIS executive protection specialists have extensive law enforcement or military training and experience.

Executive Protection Services

Our people are the key to our success, and that of our clients.   CIS executive protection unit members are sourced from law enforcement agencies, the military, diplomatic, intelligence and private security organisations, as well as the higher echelons of the government, energy, travel and emergency medical sectors.

CIS offers professional executive protection services in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto and throughout Canada.  We also provide international executive protection services for all risk levels to safeguard clients who are working  or travelling abroad. 

CIS close protection unit members have extensive law enforcement and military experience combined with specialized training. 

Our flexible approach allows us to cater our services to meet our client's individual needs. We adapt to accommodate any challenge.

The unique and modern methods employed by CIS affords our clients maximized freedom and privacy without compromising safety.

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CIS provides all levels of protection and support, locally and abroad to safeguard executives, celebrities, government officials and high net-worth individuals, as well as their families and property.

  • Executive and VIP Protection Specialists (Law Enforcement & Military Experienced)
  • Celebrity Protection Services
  • High Net-Worth Individual and Family Protection
  • Personal and Witness Protection Services
  • Designated and Temporary Protection Teams
  • Travel Accompaniment and Security
  • Local Support Services
  • Protective Surveillance
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Safe Transportation Services - Goods and Personnel
  • Operational Intelligence
  • Travel Planning
  • Hostile Environment Security Teams (Global Services)

Risk Mitigation - Discreet Protection -  Secured Privacy 

Corporate Investigations & Security specialists will deivise a customized protective services and risk management strategy that will ensure maximum security and safety while facilitating your specific needs. With the ever changing threat levels faced by high profile individuals locally and abroad, CIS has developed a secure method of protecting our clients that is flexible and effective.

Our service offerings allow for unique alternatives based on individual threat levels and privacy needs.  We can provide high-security close protection services, or a proximity method for those who value the privacy and freedom that is afforded through a more discreet security profile.

CIS provides intelligence led strategies and modern protection methods in a discreet manner to ensure client safety without restricting individual freedom or privacy.

Discretion - Privacy

CIS Executive Protection Specialists operate with absoulte discretion.  Our adaptive methods provide complete security without compromising your freedom or privacy.

Local and International Protection Services

CIS provides the following services throughout Alberta, or internationally in domestic or conflict zones:  Executive Protection Services Calgary, Executive Protection Services Edmonton, Executive Protection Services Fort McMurray, Executive Protection Banff, Executive Protection Lethbridge, Executive Protection Red Deer, Executive Protection Vancouver, Executive Protection Toronto.

Executive Protection Support Services 

We can provide you with complete spectrum of protection services, route and venue advances, family security, risk analysis, travel planning, concierge services and professional transportation to ensure that your trip is well planned, safe and enjoyable.  CIS experts can work for you independently or in cooperation with your in-house protection members.