Loss Prevention Services

CIS is a leading provider of retail loss prevention services in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Red Deer, Medicine Hat, Vancouver. We have loss prevention offices located in all major cities across Canada.  CIS Security offers professional loss prevention and internal investigation solutions to identify and mitigate the physical and financial losses that are caused by internal and external theft and fraud. CIS Loss Prevention Experts have decades of combined retail security and law enforcement experience and we offer the highest level of service and expertise in the loss prevention industry. Contact us today for a free intial consultation. 

Retail Loss Prevention Services in Alberta

CIS Loss Prevention Programs offer a measurable return on investment for our retail security clients in Calgary, Edmonton, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Red Deer, Vancouver and throughout Canada.  We employ a unique and modern approach that provides our clients with customized shrink reduction solutions that are effective and relevant to thier specific needs.

Regardless of the scope or size of your business, our programs and security personnel deliver measurable results and a positive return on your loss prevention investment. We are a results oriented loss prevention provider that consistently strives to exceed our client's expectations.     

Our team of experienced loss prevention officers have a proven track record in loss reduction, retail crime prevention, and internal investigations.  In today's retail industry where every dollar counts, loss prevention and inventory protection is paramount to protecting profitability and sustaining your business.  

CIS loss prevention specialists provide expert solutions and professional execution coupled with an efficient business management approach that is unraivalled in the retail security industry.  We design and implement loss prevention and shrink reduction programs that fit your operational needs and achieve your loss prevention goals.


  • We provide continuous support and intelligence led services through our team of dedicated retail security and loss prevention experts.
  • CIS experts can identify the root causes of profit loss and provide loss prevention solutions to help reduce shrinkage.
  • For every dollar lost to theft, it takes an average of twenty dollars in sales to recover the loss.
  • CIS loss prevention services are designed to provide  businesses with a "Return On Investment".
  • Statistically, one in every eleven customers that enter your store will steal from you.
  • Retailers reported to the RCC that one in every thirty employees were arrested for internal theft.  CIS offers discreet and effective internal investigation services.